John Castora Wells, main character.

Male: 22: 5'10": Average build: Light brown hair kept med-short.

Stubborn: Quick temper, but quickly controls his rage: Subdues his emotions: Focused: Resolving.

Battle Class Magus: Fire Elemental (severely subdued): Object/Etherblade(Castora)[sealed].

John finds himself the bystander in a crazy battle between a man in a suit that can throw fire, and a giant golden-feathered bird creature. The man breaks innocence and tells John and his girlfriend, Kaitlin, about the planes, and the war. Given the choice to sit and do nothing, or try and prevent the spreading of the war to their world, they ascend with him.

John becomes a member of the 3rd Covenant of Loxla, apprenticing under Magister Kleiner Charem.


Love - Kaitlin Hall

Parents - Hunter Wells(whereabouts unknown), Martha Wells(deceased)

Siblings - Richard Wells(missing), Oliver Wells, 17

Abilities and Skills::

Fire prowess 4, Sword prowess 3, Tactical prowess 2, Combat prowess 3, Ethereal creativity 4